Nydag adventures in Norway

First meeting with snow. Up in the mountain by Muen.

Nydag feeding the sheeps.

Nydag riding on Feykir.

At horseback.

Feeding box.

The very big silver moose.

By the feets of the big moose.

Ellen and Nydag in Elverum.

In Elverum.

The carpenter.


Prikkeline and her lamb.

Cleaning the stable.

Making the fence.

Bretningen in background.

Ellen and Nydag and the horses.


From Bukkholmen.

The hunter.


Nydag hunting a troll. (See photo the troll.)

The huge troll.

Nydag making a small fire besides.

Moving the sheeps.

Wood by ballbarrow.


Cleaning up after winther.

Shed for the rain.

Hard to push up the ballbarrow.

Nydag and the lambs.

By the dentist.

Sleepers in the train.



The very big bird (Tiur).

The stone-heart of ...?

Riding at Ljufur.

Watching the small foxes from horseback.

There were 11 small foxes.

Nydag and the rawdeers.



Fields of gold.

Could be Emil.


Nydag and nanay playing.

Watching the field.


Bretningen gaard.

The sheeps in the field.

Little boy in the field.

View at Flaam.

Norwegian trolls has a long noise.

Two trolls. One with long nose and one with short nose.

In Gudvangen.

In the Vikinghouse in Gudvangen.


In Gudvangen (Naeroeyfjorden).

A vikingship and waterfalls.


Goats at Bakka (Naeroeyfjorden).

Meeting a goat.


On the road to Bakka.

Ellen taking photo of Nydag with a goat.

On the road from Bakka to Gudvangen.

Naeroeydalen seen from Stalheim.



Nanay in kitchen.

Nice here.

Realy nice...

The beach at Notavadlo.

Wild roses at Notavadlo.

The boy to the left have a vietnamiese mother and norwegian father.

Both norwegian father. The boy to the left has a mother from Vietnam. From the market in Bergen.

View from Floiyen.

At Floiyen.

From Floiyen. Little lunch time.

Troll at Floiyen.

Sliding at Floiyen.


Climping at Floeyen.




Ellen and Nydag.

View from Floeyen.

View from Floeyen.


From Bergen centrum.

Ole Bull and Nydag Filip.


Lille Lungegaardsvann.

By Lille Lungegaardsvann.



Far out you can see The North Sea.


Nydag by Loeholmshola.

Watching DVD.

Rose in Notavadlo. (Flammentanz.)

Kydlaren in Lysoeya.

From Lysoeya.

From Lysoeya.


Looking at the waterlily.

From Lysoeya.

Tjernet in Lysoeya.

The villa of Ole Bull.

The nice roads in Lysoeya.

From Lysoeya.

The entrance of the deep cave under the tower at Lysoeya.

View from the tower at Lysoeya.

The tower.

The nice veiw from Furulund at Lysoeya.

Grotten in the Lysoeya.

Look up for falling stones. Grotten.

A stronebench at Lysoeya.

Walking the roads in Lysoeya.

Nydag and our boat. Lysoeya.

Bruvik. The nice boat!

Icecream at the Torget in Bergen.

The ferry boat to the aquvarium.

From Byfjorden. On trhe way to the aquvarium.

From the aquarium. Pingvin.

In the aquvarium in Bergen.

Nydag fighting an icebear...

Nice fish at the aquvarium.

Pingvins at the aquvarium.

From Byfjorden.

Bryggen in Bergen.

In the Bryggen.

Inside the cave were the englishmen hided amunision during 2nd world war.

I know that one day Nydag with be on this stone (in Hillersvikjo)...



Ellen also with us. Fishing in the Lysefjord.

Ouside Lysoeya. Ellen.

Ellen also out in the boat with us.

Ellen and Nydag at Lysoeya.

At Lysoeya. Gamletunet.

From gamletunet in Lysoeya.

The villa of Ole Bull.

Ellen and Nydag.

At the villa of Ole Bull.

The nice island of Lysoeya.

On the way to Ulrikken.

View from Ulrikken against Tarleboe.

View from Ulrikken at Bergen.

At Ulrikken. 610 meter above sea level.

View from Ulrikken.

At Ulrikken. View Bergen south.

Nydag bathing at Notavadlo.

At Notavadlo.

Playing in the little cold water at Notavadlo.

Nydag and Ellen outside the small island with the nice houses.

Nydag and Linn and Tirill playing a nice play.



View towards Naeroeydalen seen from Brekke, were we stayed night over.

Going down Stalheimskleiva.

Stalheimskleiva and Naeroeydalen.

Fantastic road. Stalheimskleiva.

Stalheimsfossen seen from Stalheimskleiva.

Sivlefossen seen from Stalheimskleiva.



Langhuso i Undredalen.

Goatmeeting in Undredal.

Undredal against Hjoelmo.

Sparrows in Undredal.

Nature, diggingmachine and goats...

The fisherman.


The old road in Laerdal.

Galdene i Laerdael.


Laerdalselvi ved Galdene.

The old road in Laerdal.

The historic route in l Laerdal.

From the historic route in Laerdal.

Borgund stavkirke.

Borgund stavkirke.

Borgund stavkirke.

The lake Vangsmjoesa.

We waked up in the morning with many cows around the car. This one study the shoes.

Cows in the mountain were we slept in the car.

"Mountain" cows.

We slept over here. Jotunheimen.

Horseriding in the Jotunheimen. Morning sadling up. We watched from the road.

View to Vinstervatten.

Curious cows.

Be careful, they can attach children and dogs.

We are visting Trond and Marit in Svatsum.

The Rondane mountains.

Nydag picking "mose" with the vietnamises and Per and Magdalena.

The horses resting.

I so much like fishing. Papa does not, he says it is a little bad to the fishes...

Nydag on the bridge.

I like fishing. Papa not quite so...

On the trampoline.

On the trampoline, 2.

On the trampoline, 3.

On the trampoline, 4.

On the trampoline, 5.

On the trampoline, 6.

Nydag and the haywender.

Nydag and haywender.

Taking hay from the fields to the barn.

Fishing in Setninga.

Fishing by the bridge by Soendre Kulstad.

Fishing from the bridge. Papa does not like...

Nydag got.

Nydag riding on tractor.

Sollia Skole.

First day in Sollia Skole. Making photos.

First day in Sollia school.From left: Kristian, Eiliv, Ingrid, Nydag, Ronja, Eldrid.

In Sollia School.

The garderobe in school.

By the bambies at Rondetunet.

The bambies at Rondetunet.


In CR. Bike waiting.

In Grubba.

Fishing in Setninga.

From Fossedagene. Painting hand.


Nydag and Ellen.

From Fossedagene.

Mountaintrip around Bretningsjuvet.


Above the farm. View to Setningsjoeen.

Bretningen gaard seen in the background.

Walk in the mountain.

In the mountains above Bretningen. Groetoerhoegda in background.

Haveing a break with fire.

Between Bretningsjuvet and Bretningsvola.

Rondane mountains in the background.

This place papa stay when dead...


Rainbow at Bretningen.

Nydag and the rainbow.

Nydag VERY interested in all kind of animals and nature wonders.

Nice written NYD in the wood. Papa made.

The sheeps at Bretningen.

Woodbringing by tractor.

Some of the houses here. Dag and Ellen and Marielle and Nydag and many details...

Dag and Ellen and Nydag.

Nydag have a good balance when riding a horse. This horse here is the speedy one, Frida.