Photos from the 7000 islands country

Kumusta kayo?




Giantes Islands. Ilo Ilo.

Gigantes Islands. Ilo Ilo.

Gigantes Islands. Ilo Ilo.

Love birds.

School children.

Rawfish eaters.

Fish drying.

Green mamba ...!

Result green mamba ...!

Collecting bat fertilizer deep in a mountain cave. Bohol.

Bats stay daytime in caves.

Loboc River.

Harvesting rice.

School girls in uniform. Malapascua.

Jethou Island.

Getting robbed?

Electric instalasion ...

The slippers of Ari Ben.

Malapascua native house.

Mangroove wood.

Chocolate hills.

Mother and children ...

Typical kitchen.

Filipinos love karooke. Have you heard drunk men singing love songs?

Palmtrees can be cut with a kitchenknife if you have all day ...

Coral sand.

St. Miguel beer.

Not all can swim ...

Tolkien tree in Malapascua.


557 meters above sea level in Siquijor. The two Joes are Leif and Birthe.

Fuente Sircle in Cebu.

Just like us ...

Also a way to cut gras.

Jeepneys can be very artistic ...

I like this!

Early morning cow wash.





Even no problem with heavy rain ...

Sleeping positions can be many in The Philippines ...

School children transport ...

Cow washing.

A very nice beach.

Silicone island.

Singing in the rain.

Up in the hills.

I like this.

Fields of gold up in the hills.

Guava fruits.

Ellen and baboys.

Nice kitchen.

Nice house.


Street children.

Sola i senit.

I dont know why this crab is called Inger.

Sunset over Negros.

View from Panorama.

Nydag Filip 3 months 1 week.

"Talking" with Remily.



In Tagbilaran.

Chocolate Hills.

Armagedon ... Take care !

Nydag Filip 3 years 3 months.

Panglao. Filipino sunday.

Philippine dancing.


Chocolate Hills.

Life in a boble ...

Crazy chair trip on top Regent Plaza.

Meeting at airport.

The very best resort.

Nydag Filip 5 years 4 months.

Looking for shells to eat.

View from bedroom.

The three sisters. Elgie, Eva and Ellen.

Good school in nice peaceful nature.

Nydag in classroom.

The class of Marielle.

Shell seekers.


Nydag and Marielle.

Marielle, sister of Nydag.

Sunset over Negros.

In Dumaguete.


Nydag climbing up to Marielle.

Here I come ...


Colourful kite and Nydag.

Marielle and Nydag.

Cebu. Applying norwegian passport day.

On top Regent Plaza.

Lift photo.